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Griswold Water Services is there when you need us. With more than 10 years experience providing quality service and repair on all types of water well pumps and systems we can handle any situation. From new installations to diagnostics and repairs on existing pump systems with Griswold Water Services, you know you are getting the highest quality professional services. We install and service all major brands of water well pumps and components. We are a local family owed business and are fully licensed and insured.

We have the expert knowledge, experience, and training to accurately diagnose and remedy any issue your submersible well pump, jet pump, pressure tank or water treatment system may have. We are also available for consultations to assist in designing new water systems or if you are upgrading an existing system. Experienced in all areas of residential well water systems and service, you can always count on Griswold Water Services to keep safe, clean and great tasting water flowing to your home.

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ct well pump service

Well Pumps

Our expert pump technicians have over 40 years of experience combined with well pumps.

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pressure tank installation ct

Pressure Tanks

If you have no water or low pressure, our experts can get your water flowing again in no time!

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water softener installation ct

Water Softeners

Hard water and sediments can ruin your appliances and leave stains. We can help!

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well maintenance services ct

Well Maintenance

Your well plays a critical role in the health, comfort, and accessibility of your home.

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well casing extension service ct

Well Raising

Well heads located below ground have an increase the risk of contamination, don't risk it!

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reverse osmosis filter installation ct

Reverse Osmosis

Great tasting & crystal clear water right from your faucet without having to spend on plastic bottles!

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sediment filter installation ct

Sediment Filtration

Make sure you’re getting the best quality water pumped to your home by using the best water filter system.

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radon water removal ct

Radon Mitigation

Radon is ranked as the second leading cause of lung cancer according to the surgeon general. It is a known carcinogen.

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nitrate filtration system installation in ct

Nitrate Filtration

Although nitrogen is essential for all life, high levels in drinking water can be a danger to your health.

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constant pressure system installation ct

Constant Pressure

A constant pressure system can provide your home with an even, steady flow of water even if several fixtures are in use.

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low ph correction services ct

PH Systems

Water with a low pH can also have a sour taste, and it often can stain your sinks and drains.

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uv bacteria filter installation ct

Bacteria Mitigation

We can ensure that your family's drinking water is safe, clean and refreshing!

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    We take pride in our commitment to excellence:

    We are able to install, service, and repair all residential water systems for property owners, real estate agents, and contractors. If your water system isn’t working the way it should contact us today. With free estimates, it’s hard to find a reason not to call!

    If you have any emergency water issue, simply call our 24 hour emergency line for

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    (860) 554-5219

    General Questions

    If you receive water from a municipal water supplier, then you can review your local “Consumer Confidence Report” (CRC) to learn what is in your water. Each year, public water suppliers are required to provide a CRC. If you are on a private well, you can send off for a water analysis from a certified laboratory.

    Older or shallow wells may use an above-ground jet pump to pull water from the well.

    Submersible electric pumps that push water up are more common. They typically feature a sealed motor that is lowered into the well and has an above-ground power source.

    The tank is a closed container for the pump to fill with water. As water fills the tank, the air within becomes compressed, usually through an air-filled vinyl bladder, until pressure is high enough to trip the pressure switch. When someone opens a faucet, air pressure in the tank will squeeze the bladder and force water out. When enough water is used to lower the pressure, the switch turns the pump back on and the cycle repeats. If the tank loses its pressure (its “pre-charge,” which comes with the tank from the factory), the pump must work overtime to keep the tank full.

    While some water treatment systems get rid of several pollutants, there is not just one treatment system that can work for every application or water contaminant. It is very important to know what the ability of the treatment methods that are being considered, what impurities they extract, precisely what number of flow rates they will process, and what water pressures they will operate within. Your first step should be to contact the well water treatment experts at Griswold Plumbing. We will help you figure it out.

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    The Effects Of Sulfur In Your Drinking Water

    When sulfur enters our drinking water, it will cause a production of sulfide gas.

    Experiencing Low Water Pressure?

    Water pressure plays an essential role in just about every activity or chore that involves water in the household.
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