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Reverse Osmosis System Installation in CT

Bottled Water Quality from Your Tap

Hard water can create numerous issues in your Connecticut home or business, such as the accumulation of limescale inside pipes and water heaters, the formation of soap scum in the bathroom, and a reduction in the amount of lather produced by soaps or detergents. Limescale, formed by the accumulation of calcium carbonates and other minerals, is especially troublesome, because it can restrict the flow of water through pipes, water heaters, and plumbing fixtures, hindering their operation and even causing permanent damage. Several methods are available to correct hard water problems, including reverse osmosis, which physically removes calcium, magnesium, iron, and other minerals from the water.

At Griswold Water Services, we offer a variety of water conditioning services, including the installation and maintenance of reverse osmosis systems. We serve residential customers, and we have been providing Connecticut with quality well pump, pressure tank, water treatment and water filtration services since 2009.

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How Reverse Osmosis Treats Hard Water in Homes

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through a thin semi-permeable membrane, which has holes large enough for water molecules to pass, but too small for many potential contaminants, such as the calcium, magnesium, and iron molecules that contribute to hard water. Because the holes or pores in the membrane are so small, they can easily clog, so a typical reverse osmosis system contains several filtration steps to both protect the membrane and to produce higher quality water.

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    RO Filtration Steps:

    • One or two sediment filters: These remove larger particles, such as sand, rust, or calcium carbonates before they enter the membrane, with the optional second filter having smaller pores than the first.
    • Activated carbon filters: These remove objectionable tastes and odors from the water, as well as chlorine, which could damage the membrane. Some systems have one before the membrane, while others have one before and after.
    • Reverse osmosis membrane: A thin-film material that removes large molecules like calcium and salt.

    Often, ultraviolet purification is used after reverse osmosis to sterilize the water, because, even though reverse osmosis can remove bacteria and viruses, most systems are not designed to do so. Reverse osmosis is often used in combination with water softening or iron removal systems to reduce minerals before water passes through the membrane, protecting it from limescale.

    At Griswold Water Services, we can work with you to determine the best reverse osmosis system for your needs and your budget. To learn more, talk to our team today!

    Water Quality Testing for Connecticut Residents

    To determine the best methods to address hard water, our team at Griswold Water Services offers water quality testing services. By learning which minerals and contaminants are present, we can design the best water conditioning system for your needs, including components such as:

    • Reverse osmosis
    • Water softening systems
    • Iron or magnesium removal systems
    • UV water purification

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